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    What new development directions does China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment face?
    Release time:2018-09-04

    In recent years, packaging is a crucial factor in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. In addition to protecting products from pollution and damage, it also directly affects consumers' visual and purchasing choices. Therefore, from the perspective of industry competition It is not unreasonable for manufacturers to protect the intellectual property rights of packaging.

    In the current rapid economic development, China's pharmaceutical packaging industry has been able to develop rapidly, and the addition of a series of policies is to inject momentum into the industry. The "13th Five-Year Plan" proposes to achieve the development direction of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, to coordinate, promote and lead the development of pharmaceutical preparations, and to ensure the quality and safety of medicines. At the same time, however, the opportunities and challenges of the packaging machinery industry coexist, and local feelings are “anxious and uneasy”.

    China's pharmaceutical packaging accounts for less than 10% of the value of medicines

    In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, packaging machinery is a device used to package products, and the technical content and requirements for machinery are very high. According to relevant data, in developed countries, packaging accounts for 30% of the value of medicines. However, in China, the value is less than 10%. Behind this data, it is also a clear portrayal of packaging technology. China's investment in packaging technology is not enough to catch up with foreign companies.

    With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the future market prospects of the pharmaceutical packaging industry are promising, and many pharmaceutical companies are also aiming at this “big cake” preparation. However, as a whole, due to the insufficient research and development of the overall packaging machinery industry in China, the innovation is small, and many packaging equipment manufacturers are still in the imitation stage. Therefore, many large foreign companies have entered the market with fierce competition with China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment.

    The insiders suggest that China's pharmaceutical packaging machines can only actively participate in international competition and break the "small and scattered" industry situation to further meet the development needs of the domestic pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry. In the future, the packaging industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation and develop in the direction of mechanical diversification, standardization and intelligence in technology development.

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