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    How to distinguish the difference between recycled materials and new materials (small common sense)
    Release time:2018-09-04

    One of the easiest ways to distinguish between new and recycled materials is to look at the plastic film against the sun to see if there are star points above it. Usually there is regeneration, and basically nothing is new. (Because the color of the recycled material is not the same, the hand feel is different, and there are many impurities, the color is not good, the original color is relatively small.)

    From the appearance, the recycled plastic has poor gloss, the surface of the particles is dull, the size is not uniform, and contains impurities. (Xiong County billion gold packaging is generally written with color or gray; and the new material has good gloss and smooth surface. Uniform size, no magazines, mostly colorless or milky white. The color of the new material is bright and the color of the old material is dim. In addition, if we want to carefully identify, we can distinguish from the following seven aspects:

    1, color: Anything that is more transparent than the one that is not transparent, no matter what color.

    2, gloss: good gloss is better than no gloss, is the color of the surface of the material.

    From the point of view of physical and mechanical properties, the recycled materials are made of waste products. After the wind and sun, the plastic surface has been aged and degraded, and it has been melted and plasticized by many high-temperature processes. Under the action of light, oxygen and high temperature, some polymers When oxidized, the macromolecular chain undergoes chain scission degradation, which reduces the physical and mechanical properties. The more the number of regenerations, the more the performance declines.

    3, drawing: (CaC03 more drawing is certainly not good, the reinforcement can not pull the wire) After blowing the fire, use the iron object to quickly contact the melt, and then quickly open to see if the silk is formed evenly, It is a good material. After a few times of pulling, the wires are overlapped and pulled apart again to see if it has elasticity. Can it be pulled again and continuously, and it is good to break after breaking or opening a distance. .

    4, igniting (view whether the flame color smokes, whether it contains burning from the fire or not burning at all);

    5, smell smell (various plastic flavors are different, including flame retardants, etc.);

    6, the above can not be confirmed, please use the fire again, in the process of burning quickly black smoke or melt quickly dripping, not good.

    7, floating water: As long as there is submerged water, if the above is not sure, or can not decide, then only test machine.

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