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    Express industry savior - buffer air bag
    Release time:2018-09-04

    The TV was sent by express delivery. When the sign was received, it was found that the corner of the TV was seriously damaged. The consumer’s claim was rejected. The express company clearly informed the reason for the refusal: the fragile product was “protected and lost”. The TV set is damaged during the delivery process. Who should bear this responsibility?

    Seeing this news, we can't help but blame the losers, but also understand the reason for the courier company. Because no matter what, the hot industry of the express delivery industry has greatly increased the volume of business, and the daily cargo volume is very high, which will inevitably lead to damage to the goods, and the fragile goods are not reasonable. But can we only let this phenomenon happen all the time?

    It is not difficult to imagine that fragile items will be damaged in several ways during the delivery process: loading, transportation, and delivery. Then, as long as the items are protected in these three places where problems are easy to occur, the items can be well protected. Then, a package is needed to provide adequate protection in these three processes. The main features of the package are: seismic cushioning.

    Inflatable packaging air column bags have been developed in recent days to protect valuables and fragile items during transportation. When the goods are on the goods, in the process of loading the goods, due to the huge amount of express delivery, many employees habitually parabolic, while the air column of the air column bag is filled with air, and when it falls at a height of about 2 meters, the package is inflated. The products in the bag are basically not damaged. In the process of transportation, the mutual extrusion and collision of the articles are liable to cause damage to the articles. If the inflatable bag is used, this can be better avoided because the performance of the inflatable air bag is shock-resistant. Of course, it should be noted that the inflatable bag cannot be placed with sharp objects, which makes it easy to puncture the bag and reduce the performance.

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